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A Bus Ride, Skit Performed by Footboard

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About Us

About Us
What is Footboard?

What is Footboard?


Get ready for this exciting bus journey with us!

Oh, but wait, let us introduce ourselves first.

For that, you need to imagine what we tell you.

Imagine the most important event of your life is going to take place. It could be your wedding, your baby shower, your dad’s 70th birthday, or anything special. You have been planning and prepping for it months in advance to make it successful.







On the day of the event, many family and friends show up. The setting is happy and festive. You want to interact with everyone and know what your sister’s kids are doing and if Srini Uncle is enjoying himself and the funny jokes cracked by your best buddy.

But imagine if you could relive these experiences, stories, and tidbits after the event is over. 

But you are not superhuman to be able to talk to all. Everything goes by so fast that in the end, you hardly know what all happened during the event.

Footboard can turn this imagination into reality.

How? - you ask. By using the power of illustration and storytelling!


In other words, we create an illustrated book that is unique to you, your people and your special event! We keep capturing moments, stories, emotions, objects, spaces throughout the event.

Once it is over, we draw out all the beautiful memories and compile them into a book. 



And when you finally see it, with every page you turn, your smile will get bigger. You can replay all the missed moments.

And you know what's even more special?

You can relive these memories whenever you want! Imagine that you chance upon this book after a couple of years. You may have forgotten it all, but this book will never let that ever happen!



So that is Footboard for you! 

Illustrating memories!

How is Footboard different from photography and videography?

How is Footboard different from photography and videography?

We knew you would pose this question for us, and so we have pointers ready for you! Need a more visual and practical guide?


Please go through our work!

Old is gold

Technology keeps upgrading and in the course, becoming obsolete. For example, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs. But books are forever and evergreen.



Less is more

There will be thousands of photos and videos taken on your special day. How many of these can you recall? But, the book will have few special memories which will be etched in your mind to be cherished ever after.



Conversation starters

You can display the book on your coffee table, book shelf, or showcase. Trust us, your guests will definitely ask you about it!

No need to be tech-savvy; 

No need for gadgets

It is a perfect gift for your grandparents, granduncles and grand aunties who are not that tech savvy.

One of a kind experience

You can sit in your balcony alone or with your near and dear ones and thoroughly enjoy every page of the book while sipping your coffee and reliving your cherished moments!



A personal touch to your fond memories

Some things require a special touch that a camera lens cannot capture.

More than a moment

Sometimes, a single photo cannot narrate a story. But, a series of illustrations can!



Why did we name ourselves Footboard?

Why did we name ourselves Footboard?

We’ve reached the next stop!

You must be wondering what’s with a bus ride and what does footboard mean? 


We are going to clear all your doubts right away!

And the guests are the passengers who get onto the bus or leave it at various bus stops. The hosts or organisers of the event are the bus driver and the bus conductor who take all the family, friends and other members on their eventful bus journey.

We enter the bus and stand on the footboard to observe and capture all the stories during the journey.

So, you can call us Footboarders!

The bus journey takes us through the different episodes of your event. Every bus stop is another episode. 

Throughout this journey from the starting point to the final destination, there is so much happening!

We get down at every stop, allow the new passengers to get it, and get onto the footboard again to continue playing our role!


Passengers as

Family & Friends

People standing on the footboard as


Bus as the

Event Space

Bus Staffs

as the Host

Bus Stop as an


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Our Process

Our Process
How does Footboard function?

How does Footboard function?

I. Before the event

Chit-chat over Chai or Coffee (we love both)

We are an enthusiastic bunch but don’t worry - we won’t gatecrash your special event! We will first get to know you and your requirements. For that, we can either meet up online or offline (we are super flexible) and fix the dates and events that you want us to capture.



How well do you know yourself?

After all the formal discussions, it’s time to play a fun game! It’s called - ‘How well do you know yourself?’ We will share a questionnaire with you to fill out. Unlike schools, some cheating is allowed here - you can take the help of your family and friends to fill it. But do not ask Uncle Google for help! Our motive is to get to know you inside and out so that we do not miss out on any critical details before the main event!

II. During the event

Footboarders make an entrance

Sounding fancy? Nah, we are quite the opposite. It’s easy to identify us. See a bunch of people with satchel bags, pencils and sketchbooks in hand? Yes, that’s us, the Footboarders!

Mission story hunting

Our job starts right at the entrance of the place. We hunt down stories from every nook and cranny of the event. We observe everyone, make random conversations with them and rapidly take notes for the big reveal later!



Time to bid goodbye

Taking leave after spending so much time together is indeed hard. But, we promise to meet again, and at that time, we will have your illustrated book ready!

III. After the event

Behind the scenes 

(or our screens)

We start our favourite part of the process - working on your book! We go through the notes, structure all the stories and content, and start making your book.

Print print print

Once the digital copy is ready, it’s time to print! The music of the printing machines, the beautiful scent of the paper, the fresh colours - it’s all so exhilarating. And when we finally hold the perfectly bound book in our hands - it’s like the event coming to life once again!

The Big Reveal

Without wasting any time, we mail you the freshly printed copies and eagerly await your call! And of course, we hope to join you for many more events!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of book will I finally get?

A high-quality printed, hardbound book will be delivered to your doorstep.

Will the book have any photographs?

We are sure your phone gallery is flooded with photographs. Since you have enough of it already, we will stick to illustrating memories for your book!

How many illustrations will the book have?

It will depend on the kind of event, its size and other details. We can discuss further details when you book your ride with us!

Can I know more details about the book?

The dimensions, number of pages, final delivery date and cost of the book will vary from event to event. Book your ride to learn more!

What kind of illustrations will be present in the book?

Check out our archived bus rides to understand more about this.

Can I get more than one copy of the book?

Will I be involved in the making of the book?

Yes, we will reach out to you to clarify some things before jumping into the final book making process. Also, in case of any other doubts, we will pick your brain from time to time!

You can order as many copies of the book as you want! Just keep in mind that the charges will increase accordingly.

Will there be any narration in the book?

Yes, every illustration will have a short narration with it.

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Why Choose Us?
Why should you invite Footboard for your special event?

Why should you invite Footboard for your special event?

When you are busy getting ready for your special day, You are nervous and happy at the same time.

You have 100 or 500 or more guests.

Have you ever wondered what each one was doing while you were engaged in the event?

Some moments go unnoticed. Like Asad uncle secretly gobbling up two extra gulab jamuns. And all the little ones Adi, Riya, Mani, Vini playing hide and seek around their uncles and aunts.



Some are unplanned. Like Saveetha Aunty stealing the show with her quirky dance moves.



Footboard is here to capture all these beautiful missed moments for eternity in a book that will be uniquely yours.

That means even when you pick the book after years together, you can relive them and rejoice.

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 10.00.14 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 10.00.14 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 10.00.14 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 10.00.14 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 10.00.14 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 10.00.14 PM.png

And some are simply unique. Like Hemu Uncle meeting his US-born 6-year old great-granddaughter Swara for the first time.



Our Services
Stop 4_Our Services.jpg

Our Services

What are the different bus rides that you can book?

What are the different bus rides that you can book?

Family Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

Your little one’s first birthday, dad’s 50th one or grandmother's platinum jubilee - all are such special days to celebrate!

Wedding Anniversary

Years pass by, and suddenly you realise that you have lived with your partner for 25 whole years! Isn’t it a significant day to capture?

Family Special Events

Ear-piercing Ceremony

One of the many important milestones in a baby’s life is the ear-piercing ceremony. Imagine your child being able to go through this and other life events after they grow up!

Housewarming Party

A home is a place of warmth, love and people you can call your own. Make the first few moments in your new home lasting memories.

Family Get-togethers

Meeting your loved ones after long is nothing less than a celebration. What happens once in a while needs to be remembered!

School, College,

Workplace Events

School Events

Extra-curricular activities such as sports days, annual days, museum visits are an integral part of every school. Wouldn’t it be great to record all the fun, innocence and mischiefs of the kids!

College Events

Whether it's college culturals, fests or exchange programs, there is another level of energy and excitement! So many behind-the-scenes memories of making an event successful!

Graduation Day

Years of hard work, exams, fun, stress all culminate into one final event - your graduation day. It's a day of mixed emotions - you are happy to have finally completed your studies but sad that you won’t be coming back to the place you called your second home. One last day in college is way too special to miss, right?

Alumni Meet and Colleagues Reunion

When you meet your batchmates or colleagues after years together, you have so much to catch up on! Who knows when such a meeting will be possible again, so make the most of it!

Major Life Events


One of the grandest, heartfelt and most extravagant life events is marriage! So many people, stories, emotions and feelings - don't want to miss anything!

Baby Shower

Capture all the moments before your little one arrives because after that, your life is going to change!

Retirement Day

Your retirement day is the end of a long chapter in life. Just like the firsts, the lasts are worthy to remember too.

Community Events


Putting up a show after years and years of practising dance is indeed a big day to cherish forever - not just by you, but by your dance gurus and family too!


All Festival Celebrations

Diwali, Eid, Christmas or New Year - every festival has one thing in common - people coming together. More people, more stories, more fun, and of course, more memories!

Hobby Events

So many new, like-minded people meet up and connect during community events such as marathons, cycle rides, photo walks, birdwatching, street art! You may or may not meet them again but the memories will remain for a lifetime!

Music Concerts

From rehearsing in your music studio to finally performing in front of a crowd, definitely gives you an adrenaline rush. And when the people cheer, applaud and shout ‘once more, once more, you thank your lucky stars. These are moments you never wish to forget!

Exhibitions & Flea Markets

Who doesn’t love walking through exhibitions and flea markets - they’re so creative and fun! It’s a hub of novel stories!

NGO Events

Planting 1000 trees, cleaning the beach, distributing food to orphanages or any other good causes need to go down in history!

Couldn't find your bus ride on this list? Don’t worry, you can book a ride for any event you want, even if it’s not mentioned here!

Our Projects
Stop 5_Our Projects.jpg

Our Projects

Archived bus rides

Archived bus rides

By now, you most likely know what Footboard is. But, you also want to see some of our work to understand how we illustrate memories, right? So, let us take you through it!


Muthu and Meenakshi, two simple and warm-hearted people, tied the knot on 1st February 2021 in a Chettinad style wedding at Nerkuppai. It was a 2 days event. There were around 80-100 invitees who came to grace the ceremony and the new couple.


This ticket provides access

to view the bus ride.

Jan 31 - Feb 1


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Get In Touch
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Get In Touch

Start a conversation with Footboard!

Start a conversation with Footboard!

Have a query to ask,

A story to share,

Suggestions to make,

Or simply want to chat?

We’d love to talk to you!

Email Us:

WhatsApp Us: +91-8754555740


Office Hours: 10 A.M - 6 P.M (MON - SAT)

Book your Bus Ride with Footboard!

Book your Bus Ride with Footboard!

Choose your bus ride and book your tickets with Footboard!

Hurry up!

Before all tickets are sold out!

Booking & Enquiry

You will receive your tickets andjourney details via Email & WhatsApp!

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